Vimeo Drops Infowars Content After Burst of New Videos

Alex Jones and Infowars are running out of places to turn after Vimeo decided to remove its content. After being removed from Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and Facebook last week, Jones apparently hoped Vimeo would be a safe haven for him to espouse his conspiracy theories. He was mistaken. Infowars didn’t have much of a presence on Vimeo before last week but posted over 50 new videos on Thursday and Friday. The videos were manually removed by Vimeo’s Trust and Safety Team because they “violated our Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content,” a spokesperson told Business Insider, adding that the company didn’t want to profit from Infowars content. Vimeo is a unit of IAC, which also owns The Daily Beast. Twitter is one of the few mainstream social-media platforms where Jones is still welcome. He’s also been spotted trying his best to find an audience on Google Plus.