Viral Video of the Day: A Friends Reunion

Jimmy Kimmel stars as Ross in this unusual remake

NBC stumbled onto a monster of a television show when it gave the green light to Friends in 1994. Thanks in large part to a strong cast, including future megastar Jennifer Aniston, the show went on to last ten seasons, garner 62 Primetime Emmy Award nominations (and six wins), and attract 52.5 million American viewers for the series finale.

The show’s blend of light-hearted humor and sentimentality was apparently lost on closet Friends superfan Jimmy Kimmel, as the script he wrote for Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and himself (as Ross – Joey and Chandler, he proudly proclaims, are dead) to act out live on his late night show is more cringeworthy than anything. You really just have to see it.