Viral Video of the Day: Hillary Clinton Name-Drops on ‘Colbert’

But no, she didn’t announce her 2016 candidacy.

Hillary Clinton dropped by The Colbert Report on Tuesday night to promote her new memoir, Hard Choices. The former Secretary of State popped in while host Stephen Colbert was taking her to task for name-dropping in the book. Eventually, the two started dueling with names of their celebrity pals. As it turns out, they both know Bill Clinton!

The studio audience did some name-dropping of their own, chanting “Hillary! Hillary!,” much to Colbert’s chagrin. “You were chanting my name four minutes ago, you two-timers!” he playfully barked at the crowd.

For someone as tough on Clinton as Colbert often is, he certainly missed an opportunity to grill her in person about her speculated-upon 2016 presidential run. But he did get a thorough answer to a question almost as important, “Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?”

That’s certainly a way to get the “Colbert bump.”