Viral Video of the Day: Stephen Merchant 'Britsplains' It All

Lanky English comic imagines a 'better' modern America under British rule

Comedian Stephen Merchant has a bone to pick about Independence Day: “That’s like your girlfriend breaking up with you, and then celebrating with fireworks. Every year. For 300 years!”

In a clever ad for Newcastle Brown Ale, the lanky co-creator of The Office ‘britsplains’ why America would have been better off remaining a part of the Empire. “You’d have better comedy, news, TV programs,” he says, “and way better rude words.” Presumably, Merchant’s litany of swears makes this NSFW if you’re watching in England, but it doesn’t register too much with us Yanks.

Merchant makes a few valid points but there’s one thing we wouldn’t have if we were still a part of the UK: a next match in this year’s World Cup!

Am I right, America?