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Vroom Vroom; British Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Post Naked Picture At 39 Weeks Pregnant

Even if she could be accused of over-sharing, Tamara Ecclestone - heir to the multi-billion dollar Formula 1 empire built up by her considerably less smooth-skinned dad, Bernie - looks pretty good for 39 weeks pregnant, we are sure you'll agree.

The brunette model and stalwart of the London party scene indulged in an unrivaled bit of self-promotion today, posting a picture of herself naked in the final stages of her pregnancy on her Instagram account, with the caption, "One week to go."

It is not advised for anyone else in the entire world who is 39 weeks pregnant to look at this picture for fear of causing feelings of inadequacy.

If you are based in the UK and your internet is running slow, well, now you know the reason why.

The majority of comments on her instagram page are of the positive variety, although one accuses her of 'very poor judgment'.

Earlier this week, Tamara was thrown a lavish pink-themed baby shower by her younger sister Petra to celebrate the impending arrival of her first child (it's going to be a girl) with her husband Jay Rutland.

She told the new issue of HELLO! magazine: "It was all pink and totally perfect. There were pink and white sofas, a barman mixing special pink cocktails, a four-tier cake and photos of me as a baby. Petra had thought of absolutely everything - my favorite chocolate crepes, amazing pastries, sweets with the words 'Bun in the oven' written on them, and personalized love hearts saying 'Baby girl'.

"She'd also compiled amazing goodie bags containing a pink nail polish she'd made up for me, called 'Tamara's knocked up'. I loved it all."

I know, it just gets classier, right?