Walters Cancels Zimmerman Interview

On the heels of his interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, George Zimmerman was scheduled to chat with Barbara Walters on ABC’s The View—until Babs changed her mind. The talk show host had traveled to Florida with the intention of interviewing Zimmerman, but decided against it when Zimmerman’s interview conditions changed. “Mr. Zimmerman made a request that we could not, and could never, agree to,” an ABC News spokesman confirmed to The Orlando Sentinel. “So Barbara walked away.” Earlier on Thursday, the New York Post reported that the shooter of Trayvon Martin had said he would only do the interview if ABC paid for him and his wife to stay in a hotel for a month. On The View, Walters admitted that their meeting in Florida was “very odd” and “obviously disappointing,” and then congratulated Hannity for landing the exclusive.