Warner: Cambridge Analytica Needs to Testify

The top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee is calling on the Trump-connected data firm Cambridge Analytica to testify before its Russia inquiry. After the UK’s Channel 4 exposed Cambridge chief Alexander Nix discussing entrapping politicians with Ukrainian sex workers, which followed revelations from the Guardian and The New York Times about the firm’s illicit acquisition of 50 million Facebook profiles for its voter targeting, Virginia Democrat Mark Warner told The Daily Beast it was time for Cambridge Analytica to answer the committee’s questions. “Cambridge Analytica is a firm that has acquired a reputation in several countries in particularly nefarious ways, including the use of personal profiles to manipulate people’s behavior,” Warner said in a statement provided to The Daily Beast. “The recent news regarding their inappropriate use of personal information from millions of Facebook users during the 2016 election underscores the need for the leadership at Cambridge Analytica to testify before the Senate intelligence committee so we can learn the full story regarding their involvement during the campaign.” —Spencer Ackerman