Was Missing SC Gov. Really Hiking?

CNN claims that the car of vanished South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was spotted in the parking lot of a Columbia airport on Tuesday, in a new twist to the already bizarre story. (Meanwhile, a local TV station said he was seen boarding a plane in Atlanta last Thursday.) On Tuesday, Sanford's staff said the governor was set to return on Wednesday from his mysterious, six-day disappearance because he was suprised at the media attention his absence caused. His wife claimed to not know where he had gone, but his office now says that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, apparently without security. "It would be fair to say the governor was somewhat taken aback by all of the interest this trip has gotten," his communications director said. Here's an interesting question, though: If Sanford was on the Appalachian Trail, why was his cell phone signal last picked up in Atlanta?