WATCH: Hagel And The "Jewish Lobby"

Ali Gharib and Jamie Kirchick take to Bloggingheads to discuss the controversy over Chuck Hagel's nomination as Defense Secretary.

Mark Wilson/Getty

Yesterday, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies' Jamie Kirchick and I sat down for an hour to talk about Chuck Hagel's nomination by Barack Obama to serve as Defense Secretary. The whole conversation is worth checking out—we hit on topics ranging from why Obama picked Hagel, the gay-equality opposition to his nomination, and even made predictions about how we thought the confirmation process would shake out. Below you can watch a clip of our exchange that deals over Hagel's controversial remarks that Washington's "Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people" on Capitol Hill. Other commentators from the right (which does not include Kirchick) have used the comment to tar Hagel as an anti-Semite.

The clip is below the fold: