Watch the Best Moments from Saturday’s Debate (Video)

Gingrich faced attacks for cheating, Romney offered a 10k bet to Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann coined the phrase ‘Newt Romney.’ Watch the best moments from tonight’s debate. Plus, Eleanor Clift, Rich Galen, and more Daily Beast contributors weigh in.

Nothing Says “Man of the People” Like a $10,000 Bet

Rick Perry challenges Romney’s alleged opposition to a healthcare mandate by pointing out that he expressed his support for the same thing in the first edition of his book. Romney’s so confident that Perry is wrong about his views, he’s willing to put $10,000 on it. Too bad Perry’s not in the bettin’ business.

Gingrich Stands by His Palestine Comment

When questioned about his recent comments on the Jewish Channel that Palestinians are an “invented people,” Newt Gingrich refuses to back down. Not only was his statement factually true and historically correct, he says, but Israel is being bombarded by rockets from Palestinians who deny their right to exist while the U.S. continues to press for a peace process. “Somebody aught to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists. They teach terrorism in their schools,” he declares.

All Michele Bachmann Does is “Win, Win, Win.”

Thought Herman Cain’s absence meant we could get through an entire debate without hearing the mantra “9-9-9”? Not if Michele Bachmann has anything to say about it. Bachmann decides to pay homage to the disgraced former candidate by revealing her new “win, win, win” tax plan that requires everyone pay something.

Ron Paul Grew Up Hard

The candidates are asked whether they’d ever been under any financial strain that forced them to give up not just luxuries but necessities. Ron Paul notes that he was raised in a poor family during the depression—though he didn’t realize it at the time—and he naturally worked his way through college. Today's middle class is suffering as a result of the deterioration of the U.S. currency and things are only going to get worse.

What's the Difference Between Mitt and Newt?

Mitt Romney says that he and Newt Gingrich disagree on a number of issues and George Stephanopolous encourages him to name them. First of all, Romney is not a fan of Newt’s idea to create a lunar colony to mine minerals. He also doesn’t want to eliminate child labor laws or remove capital gains for people on the highest level of income. The biggest difference between the two of them, however, is their backgrounds. Romney, for his part, reminds us that he’s spent his life in the private sector.

Newt’s Retort: Enough with the Private Sector Spiel, Mitt.

“Let’s be candid. The only reason you didn’t become a career politician is you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994.” Ouch. Furthermore, Newt Gingrich will not apologize for being a proponent of the space program. He also thinks particularly poor students would benefit from working while in school, not to mention you could pay them a heck of a lot less than a unionized adult janitor.