Weiner Calls Opponent ‘Grandpa’

There aren’t even any jokes left at this point. Anthony Weiner called one of his opponents “Grandpa” Tuesday night during a mayoral forum ... sponsored by AARP. The exchange got heated between Weiner and longshot candidate George McDonald after Weiner put his hands on McDonald’s chest as he walked by, with McDonald saying, “Don’t you ever put your hands on me again.” “What’s gonna happen if I do?” Weiner asked. “You have anger issues.” McDonald denied it, and Weiner then reportedly responded: “Yes, you do, Grandpa.” McDonald used most of the debate to attack Weiner, claiming that he has better morals than Weiner and that he’s “embarrassed” to tell his 10-year-old granddaughter why Weiner is famous. McDonald could use the phrase he used last week, when he called Weiner a “self-pleasuring freak.”