Weiner: ‘Eyeing’ NYC Mayoral Run

Is it true that anyone can make a comeback in New York—or in politics? It looks like Anthony Weiner is testing that theory. The former congressman—who resigned in disgrace after sending a 21-year-old lewd photos on Twitter—gave a lengthy interview in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. The inside look at Weiner’s life—published online Wednesday—was conducted alongside his wife, Huma Abedin, who was deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton. In it Weiner admits he is “eyeing” a run for mayor, a race that some considered a lock for him pre-scandal. The article contains fascinating details about the two’s marriage, detailing their lives as “political animals” who worked 24/7 before the scandal. Now, Abedin says, they’re trying to move forward. “‘Anthony ... is a glass-half-full person. He doesn’t dwell. He’s not negative.’”