Weiner: ‘I’m Huge, I Can Help’

The details of Anthony Weiner's extramarital sexting affair are becoming more cringeworthy by the day. Though the wannabe New York City mayor identified himself online by the alias "Carlos Danger," he made no effort to hide his true identity, reportedly telling sexting partner Sydney Leathers, "I'm huge, I can help you," offering her the use of his name and, allegedly, political power to get a ticket to the DNC and even a job at Politico. As for why she decided to expose the former congressman's latest dalliances when he'd convinced the public he'd reformed, Leathers explained, “It kind of ate me up inside that he had this secret and he was going around lying, saying he was a changed man and everything was different, great and better … I felt if I didn't speak up for myself, someone is going to speak for me.”