Weinergate: Anthony Weiner, Bill O'Reilly, and More Best Jokes

When a lewd photo landed on Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter last week, the floodgates opened for racy reactions. From Jon Stewart to The View and Bill O'Reilly, WATCH VIDEO of the pun-filled responses to Weinergate.

Weiner Plays Coy on Crotch Photo

Cue the middle-school jokes. Since the photo was sent from Rep. Weiner’s Twitter to a young woman in Seattle, the New York Democrat hasn’t confirmed or denied if the photo belonged to him. On Tuesday, Weiner sparred with reporters who asked him to address the alleged hack, before he heightened suspicions Wednesday by telling MSNBC that he could not say “with certitude” that the body part in question didn’t belong to him. So, does the wiener belong to Weiner?

Breitbart: Weiner Has Relationships With ‘Young Women’

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart broke the story when he was tipped off by another blogger monitoring Weiner’s account. Breitbart posted the lewd tweet on his website and then went on CNN Tuesday. The pundit didn’t shy away from racy speculation about the social media gaffe. “Girls that are quite young, younger than the girl in question here, talk openly about Rep. Weiner, who follows these girls,” he said. Never before has gray underwear been so controversial.

Stewart Cracks Weiner Jokes

Sometimes it's just too easy. As the Twitter scandal unfolds, no one is having more fun with obvious phallic jokes than Jon Stewart. As Weiner’s friend, Stewart said he hoped the photo was not Weiner. But as a comedian, it doesn’t get much better. Watch the best of his Weiner roast.

O’Reilly: ‘It’s Him in the Photograph’

Talk about conflicting emotions: First Bill O’Reilly called the Weiner scandal “dumb,” then he said it could pose a threat to national security, then he finally settled on a decisive conclusion. On The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday, the pundit said outright that the crotch in question shows, in fact, Weiner’s wiener. O’Reilly’s biggest concern, however, was that the hack could lead to security problems of WikiLeaks proportions, but we doubt anything pertaining to Weinergate is that big.

The View: Change Your Name!

Here’s one way of avoiding the inevitable grade-school puns that come with the last name Weiner: change it. Barbara Walters started The View’s discussion of Weinergate on a mature note, vouching for the congressman’s record and his wife’s work as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff. But the innuendo got the better of Joy Behar and Sherry Shepherd, who devolved the debate into this gem of advice for the frequently ranting representative.

Weinergate Is the New Birthergate

Chris Matthews says he knows a thing or two about pictures of people in their underwear. The MSNBC pundit asked the real question on everyone’s mind Wednesday, “How many pictures do you have of yourself … of you in your underwear? Most people don’t have any.” While Donald Trump hasn’t demanded to see proof that Weiner’s Twitter was hacked, Matthews and NY1’s political commentator Errol Louis sparred over whether or not Rep. Weiner should have a little leeway because the White House didn’t squash birther suspicions over President Obama’s certificate for years—and was telling the truth all along. Salon’s Joan Walsh didn’t even bother drawing parallels, saying no discussion of Weiner’s picture is allowed for a “good Irish Catholic girl” like herself.

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Maddow: Prove You’re Not a Creep

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: On Wednesday, Rachel Maddow challenged Weiner on why he hasn’t explicitly denied where the lewd photo came from, prompting the congressman to quip that Jon Stewart’s PG-13-size theories might be right. When asked to show constituents he’s not involved in “creepy things online,” the representative said he gets why people make fun of his name. Weiner deleted the hacked tweet last week, after an interview on Maddow’s show, but no word yet if any underpants shots showed up on his account after this one.

Stewart on Weiner, Day Two

Jon Stewart's done dancing around Weiner jokes. The comedian also doesn't buy the congressman's uncertainty as to whether the photo is actually of his, ahem, weiner. Stewart admits there are only three things he knows with certitude in life, and what the bird's-eye view of his erect penis in his underwear looks like is one of them.

Beck: ‘Weinergate Explodes!’

Glenn Beck, a frequent Weiner target, might have one of the most surprising Weinergate reactions of all: believing the congressman’s statement that he was pranked at face value. Beck didn’t resist calling the scandal “hardcore” before he went for the conspiracy theory, naturally. The pundit picked apart Weiner’s cadence and semantics from an interview where he likened the alleged prank to getting heckled at a speech, and then analyzed the politico’s answer.