What Exactly Is a Brokered Convention? Allow Seth Meyers to Explain

Seth Meyers breaks down what will happen if the GOP tries to take the nomination away from Donald Trump.

via YouTube

Now that John Kasich has won his home state of Ohio, taking much-needed delegates away from Donald Trump, Seth Meyers decided it was time to take a “closer look” at what a brokered convention would mean for the GOP.

As Meyers explained it, even if Trump ends the primary process with the most votes, he may very well fall short of the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. That will give Republicans who don’t want him at the head of the party’s ticket this fall a chance to get rid of him at the Cleveland convention in July.

Should that happen, pundits are predicting that “Cleveland will burn.” Putting aside the politics, Meyers asked, “How much more can the city of Cleveland take? They just got rid of Johnny Manziel, now this?”

Even if the GOP does decide to take the nomination away from Trump, they don’t necessarily have a good backup option. Ted Cruz is “hated by the establishment” and John Kasich got way too excited about winning his home state of Ohio: “If you were to judge just by the amount of confetti that came down at his victory speech, you’d think he was the millionth customer at a supermarket,” Meyers said.

As for Trump, he issued “what many perceived as a threat” when he told CNN that “you’ll have riots” and “bad things will happen” if there is a contested convention and he is denied the nomination.

“That’s Donald Trump participating in the New Jersey tradition of couching a threat as a prediction,” Meyers said.