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What Syrian Reactor?

"It's up to Netanyahu to defeat Ahmedinejad, not Obama."--Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz on the deepening rift between Israel and the US.

  • Allegations: IDF forcibly removed asylum seekers - PM's office says 18 asylum seekers at Egyptian border 'turned back,' but testimonies reveal IDF might have 'dragged' men across border. Non-profit organization urge investigation. (Ynet and Haaretz and NRG Hebrew)
  • 'Middle East could turn into one Islamic caliphate,' minister warns - At security conference, Homefront Defense Minister Avi Dichter says after Egypt and Tunisia, Muslim Brotherhood will try to take over Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. (Israel Hayom)
  • Rabbis: Monastery desecration 'shocking' - Dozens of prominent Jewish religious leaders, including chief rabbis, send letter of sympathy to Latrun Monastery abbot. 'We deeply regret the disrespect you were shown by members of our religion and people,' they write. (Ynet)
  • More Israelis leaving the country than immigrating to it - Central Bureau of Statistics data reveals emigration tops immigration. (NRG Hebrew)
  • (Former IDFchief of staff) Ashkenazi: IDF attacked Syrian reactor? I haven't heard of it - Former IDF chief of staff teasingly denies reports claiming Israel bombed Syrian reactor in 2007; says every effort must be made to reach solution with Palestinians. (Ynet)

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