What Will and Kate's Handwriting Reveals

Is the marriage going to last once wedding-mania is over? The Daily Beast talks to handwriting experts who analyze the couple’s recently released signatures. Hint: William is uneasy with casual intimacy.

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Amid all the coats-of-arms, hats, and cakes unveiled in recent days, one tidbit might actually shed some light on what the heirs to the throne are really like: their handwriting.

The official program for the wedding displays the signatures of Prince William and, for the first time, Kate Middleton.

Arlyn Imberman, graphologist and author of Signature for Success, says the high “l”s and narrow, unslanted letters show that William “prefers to remain objective and independent… He’s very careful in his analysis of situations and people,” she says, “and his emphasis is clearly on the rational and the intellectual as opposed to the emotional.”

Susanne Shapiro, a court-qualified graphologist, agrees, saying that the vertical letters to William’s signature show a reserved personality, “someone who thinks things through before reacting emotionally.”

That reserve can verge on shyness, says Imberman. The middle zone of the name indicates the signer’s sense of self, and William’s is “extremely small.” “He’s cautious, thoughtful, and uneasy with casual intimacy,” she says.

Shapiro, also pointing to the middle zone, says, “It seems as if William is shy when dealing with the public.”

Kate is a good match, as far as signatures are concerned, anyway. Balancing William’s shyness, she’s outgoing and “reaches out to others and wants to connect to the world,” says Shapiro, pointing to the rightward slant of her signature. “The connectors, the way the individual letters are joined, are what is described graphologically as 'garlanded,' which is another indication of a genuinely friendly individual.” She can also “think outside the box and is flexible both emotionally and intellectually… In my opinion she will be a wonderful partner to William,” says Shapiro.

Imberman agrees. “She has larger and more right-slanted writing, which indicates a more social, friendly, outgoing person,” who is “able to interact comfortably and easily with others.” Comparing the middle zones of their signatures, “you see how secretive William is, and how open and translucent Catherine’s is,” says Imberman. “She’ll be a good foil for him.”

As for how they’ll fit their new duties, Imberman points to William’s high “W’”s and “l”s and “i” dots, saying they are a “reflection of his pride and ideals and sense of obligation,” as well as an “awareness of his significance in the public arena.” Though his middle zone is small, showing, according to Shapiro, shyness in the public sphere, the tall letters show he is proud and principled.

Imberman sees in Kate’s signature a desire to “keep things from being unnecessarily embellished or overdone,” which might be at odds with some of her new duties. But her sociability and openness will make her a good partner for Will, balancing his introversion with her outgoing nature. “I do think they are a good match,” says Imberman.

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