What's Up with Bachmann's Nails?

Michele Bachmann has always been a polarizing figure in Washington, but it turns out she’s now managed to divide apolitical fashionistas. The great debate: Is the Congresswoman’s French manicure tacky? Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees argues that “a rounder nail is more elegant” than the long, square look Bachmann has been sporting. And the Huffington Post notes that, “We’ve even heard [her nails] clickety-clacking against her debate podiums a few times.” Of course, as ArtsPost’s Maura Judkis writes, this whole argument may be a tad bit sexist: “It’s the same song but a different verse in the conversation America had four years ago about the fairness of writing about female candidates’ appearance.” After all, no one seems especially concerned about Newt Gingrich’s fingernails.