Sizing Up The Junk

Where Obama’s Winning: Ladies’ Merch

One need look no further than Mitt Romney’s online campaign store to see just how much he cares about the female vote. On Wednesday, Buzzfeed called our attention to his women’s section, “Ann’s Collection,” and its embarrassing lack of offerings. There’s his wife’s face on a pin ($3), an “I’m a Mom for Mitt” window decal ($8), and a “Moms Drive the Economy” bumper sticker ($5.50). While he’s at it, he might want to kiss the youth vote goodbye, too.

The merch on Obama’s site looks like Net-A-Porter in comparison. In his “Women for Obama” there’s a vintage-y “Our Health Our Vote” tote ($25) and “Vote Obama” ($30) graphic tank. The only thing it’s missing? Michelle Obama’s face on an iPhone case.