White House Rebuts Suskind Book

Ron Suskind’s upcoming book, Confidence Men, shines a light on White House dysfunction. Based on interviews with more than 200 people, it includes quotes of Larry Summers once saying, “There’s no adult in charge. Clinton would never have made these mistakes”; economic adviser Christina Romer complaining, “I felt like a piece of meat”; and former communications director Anita Dunn saying the White House was a “hostile workplace” for women. Now these officials are speaking up to say they were misquoted or taken out of context. Summers says his quote is “a combination of fiction, distortion, and words taken out of context,” while Dunn says she was misquoted and Romer denies ever saying hers in the first place. Suskind is not speaking about the book until its official release but may have recordings to back up some of the quotes.