Skyfall's Style

Why Didn't Bond Dress Like Bond?

I concur with Roger Stone, who thinks Skyfall's James Bond looks, well, not particularly like James Bond:

The problem in Skyfall in a nutshell? Daniel Craig's slim-cut suits are too tight, too narrow shouldered and too small. At 5-foot-10, they make him look smaller.

The suits for Daniel Craig in Skyfall were designed by costume designer Jany Temime and made by someone who surely knows better, Tom Ford. They look more like the work of Thomas Browne (known for his short, tight and close fitting suits for younger men) for in Skyfall all of Bonds suits, his evening clothes and his topcoat are too small and too tight. 007 shouldn't be wearing suits better suited to Pee Wee Herman or Curly Howard of the Three Stooges.

Even worse Mr. Craig suits are too short, a style called a "bum-freezer" during World War II when their were fabric shortages. Agent 007 shouldn't leave his ass uncovered. A shorter jacket makes a short man look shorter. Craig is a mere 5-foot-10. Villain Javier Bardem is 6 foot. No wonder Craig looks small in their fight scenes.