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Why William and Kate Delayed Their Honeymoon

So far Penny Junor's biography of Prince William has brought us the following amazing scoops:

William was upset his mother accused his father of infidelity on TV!

After meeting William for her first proper sit down, Camilla exclaimed, "I need a drink"!

I'm being only a bit unfair. Today, however, there is one great detail in the Daily Mail's serialisation: "As Kate and William took off from Buckingham Palace by helicopter the next morning, everyone assumed they were going somewhere exotic for their honeymoon. In fact, William was going straight back to his work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, and the honeymoon was delayed for two weeks.

"The reason? Before marrying, they'€™d trawled the internet and consulted Time Out guides in search of a place that promised both privacy and spectacular diving. Having found the perfect hotel in the Seychelles, they were dismayed to find it was booked solid.

"They were not, however, prepared to ask the hotel for special favours, which would undoubtedly have meant turning another couple away. '€˜There'€™s no way we're going to do that, said William. 'It could be their honeymoon.'

I know. Bless.