WI Mall Evacuated Over Shooting Fears

A mall in Wisconsin was evacuated late Tuesday after reports of a person with a gun. Shoppers reportedly panicked and fled after an announcement was made on the mall’s loudspeaker shortly after 6 p.m. warning of a potential threat. Police later said the threat was “unsubstantiated,” though the Fox River Mall in Grand Chute remained closed Tuesday and was set to reopen Wednesday morning. Employees said they were ordered to stay on lockdown while police investigated the potential threat. Few details were provided, but police said they received a phone call from a man’s family members warning that he was armed and sitting in the parking lot. Police later said they were still searching for the armed man and he was still considered a threat Tuesday night. The incident came just one day after malls across the nation erupted into chaos, with massive brawls prompting evacuations in various cities.