Wife of Putin’s Spokesman Faces Questions Over U.S. Taxes

The wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is facing questions over her U.S. tax affairs after The Guardian obtained documents suggesting she may have failed to declare her true income, not disclosed foreign bank accounts, and wrongly claimed a potentially beneficial U.S. tax status. The court papers reportedly suggest that Tatiana Navka—married to Dmitry Peskov—accrued tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes on a house that she claimed to U.S. authorities had been sold. Her property portfolio reportedly included a loft apartment in Donald Trump’s New York City Trump Parc complex near Central Park. Records show that between 2006 and 2013, Navka and then-husband Alexander Zhulin paid only $1,168 in federal taxes to the U.S. with a combined income of $3.4 million. Peskov has been Putin’s spokesman since 2012. Navka told The Guardian: “Your assertions contain a whole series of untrue and inaccurate details.”