State Secrets

WikiLeaks' Biggest Reveal Yet Coming Monday

At least they’re giving fair warning? The whistleblower site WikiLeaks says it plans to publish 400,000 secret military documents—its largest cache yet—pertaining to the War in Iraq on Monday, according to the Pentagon. This reveal could have greater implications than the site’s exposure of 77,000 classified files on the war in Afghanistan in July. To prepare for potential fallout, several weeks ago the military created a 120-person taskforce to search the U.S. government’s database on the war in an attempt to "determine what the possible impacts might be," according to a Pentagon spokesman, and precipitate damage control. The Pentagon has asked the international organization to return the documents, and it cautions that its leaders aren’t “experts” in such classified materials. WikiLeaks’ website has been down since September, with speculations tied to owner Julian Assange’s rape charges, as well as funding issues.