WikiLeaks Cables Force Resignation

Is Julian Assange smiling? WikiLeaks has claimed its first high-ranking U.S. diplomatic casualty. Carlos Pascual, the country's ambassador to Mexico, has stepped down amid pressure from Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who was infuriated by comments critical of the Mexican government's anti-drug fight that were published by WikiLeaks. Calderon has publicly lashed out at Pascual, telling The Washington Post that he was angered by the U.S. ambassador's description of the Mexican army in the diplomatic cables as "risk-averse." He also cited U.S. attempts to play Mexican agencies against one another in the drug fight. Pascual has worked for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development for 23 years and has been stationed in Mexico for 19 months. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday that she accepted Pascual's resignation "with great regret."