WikiLeaks Hid Documents Showing Syrian Deposits in Russian Bank

WikiLeaks apparently hid documents showing a multi-billion euro transaction between the Syrian regime and a government-owned Russian bank, according to leaked U.S. court documents obtained by the Daily Dot. The email in question reportedly shows more than €2 billion being transferred from the Central Bank of Syria to Russia’s VTB Bank; and court records show the note was obtained by hacktivists who breached the Syrian government’s networks shortly before economic sanctions were imposed on it amid a brutal civil war. That email, along with several million others, were handed over to WikiLeaks, who published them in 2012 as “The Syria Files,” but the correspondence showing that Russia-Syria transaction was notably omitted. WikiLeaks said any such claims about a missing email are “speculation” and “false,” and they allegedly threatened the Daily Dot with retaliation for publishing the account.