WikiLeaks to Publish Stratfor Emails

They’re back. WikiLeaks plans to start publishing some five million emails from Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor), a global security think tank that is based in the U.S. that's been called a "shadow CIA." WikiLeaks says the company is thought to be an intelligence publisher, but really gives confidential intelligence to large corporations. It is unclear how WikiLeaks obtained the emails. Stratfor founder, George Friedman said on Jan. 11 that emails had been stolen, but downplayed their significance. He said, “God knows what a hundred employees writing endless emails might say that is embarrassing, stupid or subject to misinterpretation... As they search our emails for signs of a vast conspiracy, they will be disappointed.” Assange, however, disagrees: "Here we have a private intelligence firm, relying on informants from the US government, foreign intelligence agencies with questionable reputations, and journalists."