Will and Kate Recall Charles and Di At Ayer's Rock

Will and Kate's tour takes them to the most sacred site in Australia


William and Kate visited the most iconic site in aboriginal Australia today, Uluru, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, in scenes which directly mirrored Charles and Diana’s visit there in 1985.

The couple had spent the afternoon learning about native culture and speaking with schoolchildren, but as the sun began to set in the evening sky, the couple took a short walk at the base of the rock and posed for photos.

The couple appeared so awed by the rock that it left them feeling somewhat speechless.

“So what shall we talk about,” William joked to his wife as they lined up for the cameras.

Earlier in the day at the National Indigenous Training Academy, the Duke was presented with a spear made from a mulga tree branch and with bindings of kangaroo vein by Kamurin Young, 19, whose brother, Hector Burton, made it.

Young said: “William told me he would look forward to teaching Prince Harry how to throw it.”