Almost Too Fat a Target

Will Democrats Overplay Their Hand?

Democrats don't need to scare current seniors. Forty to 55 year olds will do nicely.

I'm trying to be on vacation here. In fact, and our conservative readers will greet this news with a little mirth, the exact official hour of the beginning of our little family driving vacation was 9 am Saturday. And I heard around 11 pm Friday that Romney was planning his Ryan announcement for...9 am Saturday. So he won that round.

I have lots to say about Ryan, as you might guess, and even while on vacation I'm going to try to put up one post a day, just to sort of keep up. For now I will limit myself to this thought: He is such a rich and delicious target, one worry is that Democrats will overplay their hand.

Most obvious example: They're probably going to make a bunch of ads scaring current senior citizens. That's not entirely crazy, because after all this is the same party that (in a less radical time) tried to privatize Social Security, and we can't trust that they're not going to try it again one of these days. But the real fear of God should be put into 40 to 55 year olds. For them--for us--the Ryan plan is real:

"Your kids are off to college, or about to go, or out working. You're starting to think more and more about your retirement years. You worry about your pension. But one thing you don't worry about? Health care. Because of Medicare. You know it's there. Well, if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get their way, it won't be. They want to alter it so radically that, experts say, you'll pay three times more...." etc etc. That is completely true. Lots of people in this situation vote, no? I think this ticket can be pulverized on this issue alone, to say nothing of all of Ryan's other liabilities.