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Will Ferrell Soccer Speech, Cliff Dive Slip ‘N Slides, and More Viral Videos

From Will Ferrell crashing a World Cup rally to a cliff dive Slip ‘n Slide, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. Will Ferrell Crashes World Cup Rally

Will Ferrell, comic genius and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith’s alter-ego, made a surprise appearance at a pep rally for the U.S. Men’s soccer team the night before their match against Germany. Claiming to be the team’s secret weapon, he promised to pull a Luis Suarez and bite the German players. He didn’t and the U.S. lost 1-0 but still advanced, so all’s well that ends well.

4. Stephen Merchant Plays ‘What If’ With America

In this Newcastle Brown Ale ad, gangly British comedian Stephen Merchant posits, ‘What if the Brits won the Revolutionary War?’ The answers may surprise you.

3. ‘Slap’ Me Baby, One More Time

Complete strangers meet and slap each other repeatedly. There’s more heartwarming sincerity in this 4-minute slapfest than in the last 10 rom-coms you’ve seen. Plus, Haley Joel Osment!

2. Slippin’ and Slidin’… Right Off a Cliff!

It’s an extreme take on an old classic. A group of thrill-seekers soap up a giant Slip ‘N Slide at the edge of a 50-foot cliff, and take turns diving into the water below. Filmed in 4K in southern Utah, the video is as gorgeous as it is dangerous.

1. Being #LikeAGirl Is a Great Thing

Saying that someone throws or runs or fights “like a girl” is usually meant as an insult, so it’s no surprise that girls lose self-esteem during their adolescent years. Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield examines the negative connotation of the phrase and turns it into an affirmation.

This one will make you tear up, especially if there’s an amazing little girl in your life.