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Will Van der Sloot Die in Jail?

Another grisly twist in the ongoing Joran van der Sloot case: Prison expert Larry Levine, an ex-con himself, has made a grim prophecy about the Dutchman's fate, saying he's sure to be murdered by a fellow prisoner. Asked to give advice to Van der Sloot on the CBS's The Early Show, Levine replied, "I'd tell him, 'You're not gonna make it.'" He went on to say, "The show's over for this kid. He needs to face the facts." Van der Sloot is currently being held in a Peruvian prison for the alleged murder of Stephany Flores; he's also suspected in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Given the notoriety of his case, the harsh atmosphere of the Miguel Castro Castro Prison, and the fact that Flores' father was a prominent figure in Peru, many have agreed with Levine's prediction—though few have put it in such grisly terms. Miguel Castro Castro is "an impoverished prison," Levine said. "And you pay off the right people, ya know, someone will stick a knife right in the guy."