Spin City

William And Kate At The Decks

If you are a true royalist, like me, then you will know that Prince William was famously taught to DJ by his naughty uncle Gary at his villa in Spain, Casa Bang Bang.

Well, William got to put his DJ skills to the test today, when he and Kate continued their tour of Australia meeting kids at a youth center in Adelaide, where turntables were presented for Royal delectation.

To be honest, you wouldn’t know that William had ever so much as seen a set of decks in his life before, but there is just something about the Royal family and turntables - a kind of strange magnetic attraction, the determination to prove they get youth culture - that always draws them in, whether it's Camilla, Prince Charles, or now Prince William himself. They cannot resist.

Even Kate succumbed.

DJ Shane Peterer, 28, said afterwards, "She was fantastic but he can fly a helicopter. So horses for courses."