William In Uluru: I'll Teach Harry How To Throw A Spear

Kate and William are visiting Uluru, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, today.

Prince George has stayed behind in Canberra.

During their visit the young royals visited the National Indigenous Training Academy, where William was presented with this spear—made from a mulga tree branch and with bindings of kangaroo vein by Kamurin Young, 19, whose brother, Hector Burton, made it.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “William told me he would look forward to teaching Prince Harry how to throw it.”

Later today the couple will visit Uluru itself, walking up to it along one of the marked-out routes for tourists that avoid the most sacred parts of the rock.

The couple will spend the night at a luxury campsite, where they will be able to experience the outback at night and will have an opportunity to see the sun rise over Uluru.