Man Charged in 40-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Wife

Pennsylvania police have charged a 76-year-old man in the cold-case murder of his wife, after he allegedly asked investigators: “Did you find the body?” William Korzon has long been questioned about the 1981 disappearance of his wife Gloria, who left for work one morning and was never seen again. Korzon told reporters he had “no idea” where his wife’s body was, and denied killing her, adding “she went to Florida.” Korzon was the subject of multiple domestic violence investigations over the course of the couple’s marriage. He was once sent to a mental hospital, and later underwent a surgical procedure on his thyroid to “reduce his aggressive tendencies.” In 1980, a year before her disappearance, Gloria filed for protection from abuse after a domestic assault in which she received fractures to her head and neck.

Korzon has also has been charged with forging Gloria’s name on tax documents and greeting cards to “keep up appearances,” as well as soliciting a neighbor to help him murder a police officer who was investigating his wife’s disappearance, police said. The alleged plan was later aborted. The affidavit filed in the arrest details his decades-long pattern of abuse and rage. Korzon has been denied bail.