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William's Helicopter Rescue Show Back For A Second Series

SAC Faye Storer

Yes, “Helicopter Rescue” is back for a second series and, call us cynical, but we can’t help feeling it’s got something to do with the star attached to the show, one Flight Lieutenant Wales, aka Prince William.

In tonight’s new episode, the BBC website tells us, “Flt Lt Wales flies the Sea King to rescue a young boy injured in a North Wales quarry; in atrocious weather, winchman Ed Griffiths rescues four students stranded on a cliff-edge in a wintry Snowdonia; and in an emotional reunion at RAF Valley, a young girl meets her rescuers almost a year after her horrific car crash in mid-Wales.”

In an interview, William says: “I don’t think there’s any greater calling in life. To be able to see a son or daughter’s face when you bring their father or mother back from the brink of death and you watch them cuddle – it’s very powerful.”