IT’S 2019

Wisconsin High School Stops Giving Cheerleaders Awards for Breast, Butt Size

A Wisconsin high school is moving to end annual cheerleading awards that include “Big Booty,” “Big Boobie,” and “String Bean,” the Associated Press reports Wednesday. Officials at Tremper High School reportedly received multiple complaints before deciding to shutter the controversial awards, which were reportedly bestowed on the girls for at least five years at team banquets that included about 100 coaches, friends, and family members. “I’m disgusted with the cheer coaches and with the Kenosha parents that sat there and said and did nothing,” said a former track coach at the school, who complained to the principal last year. “I don’t think it takes much to see that this is extremely degrading to women.” The principal first announced that he would investigate the matter in April 2018—but when a parent followed up, he reportedly said that the awards “were meant to be funny,” and the coaches who gave them were “just joking around.” The school has since taken some action, forcing one coach to write apology letters. That coach was supposed to resign last June—but the ACLU reports that she continues to coach the cheerleading squad.