Witnesses Recount Theater Horror

Witness accounts are streaming in from Aurora, Colo., where a gunman opened fire at a movie theater this morning, killing 12 and wounding scores more. “I just saw dead bodies everywhere,” Jennifer Seeger, 22, told The Daily Beast.There was a girl who was lifeless on the stairs. I saw a gentleman who was moaning and groaning.” Other witnesses described scenes of confusion and horror to The Associated Press. Sylvana Guillen, 20, said the alleged shooter, James Holmes, appeared dressed as a SWAT team member and told her friend, “You better get ready to be shot.” And Tanner Coon, while making his escape, tried to rouse a woman covered in blood, but couldn’t—he “presumed she was dead.” People in the adjacent theater also saw bullet holes appear in the wall about 20 minutes into the movie.