Wolff: Trump Is ‘Proving the Point of the Book’

In his first interview about his bombshell exposé about the White House, journalist Michael Wolff stood by his reporting and said President Trump’s behavior in the wake of three explosive excerpts is “proving the point of the book.” Wolff wrote that Trump is increasingly repeating stories, cannot recognize old friends, and is viewed by his closest allies as “incapable of functioning in his job.” Trump and his team responded by tearing down former top strategist Steve Bannon and sending a cease-and-desist letter to Wolff and his publisher. “Not only is he helping me sell books, but he’s proving the point of the book,” Wolff said on NBC’s Today on Friday. “This man does not read. Does not listen. He’s like a pinball, just shooting off the sides.” He added, “They all say he is like a child.”