Breaking Silence

Woman in Gov. Eric Greitens Affair Speaks Out

The woman who had an alleged affair with Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens—and accused him of coercing her into sex and attempting to blackmail her with a naked photo—has spoken out in a new TV interview. The woman, who remains unnamed, expressed regret that she was part of the story that has dominated Missouri politics since January, stood by her version of events, and apologized to Greitens’ wife. “I didn’t want this,” the woman told KSDK-TV. “I wasn’t out to get anyone. I really was just trying to live my life.” Asked what she would say to Sheila Greitens, the woman said: “I would absolutely apologize. I shouldn’t have been involved with him. I shouldn’t have gone into her home. I know that.” Asked about doubts cast on the affair from Greitens’ lawyers, the woman said: “I definitely did not dream this up. Period.” She added: “I’m not lying. This was hard. It was hard at that time, and it’s hard to talk about now. I’m not lying.”