World's Biggest Hamburger Breaks Record

In a redefinition of the word “supersize,” the world’s largest hamburger has just been prepared in Miyazaki, Japan, weighing in at a whopping (sorry) 300 pounds. Part of a promotional event for the Phoenix Seagaia Resort, the burger required 15 chefs working more than eight hours and contains a reported 154 pounds of beef and 66 pounds of pork. And for a limited time—as ground meat does have a rather short shelf life—the burger is on sale for 150,000 yen (or about $1,574), making it not only the word’s largest hamburger but giving it the added distinction of being the world’s largest commercially available hamburger. This new record beats out the record previously held by Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Mich., whose burger weighed a paltry 165 pounds.