World's Oldest Man, Masazo Nonaka, Dies at Age 113 from Natural Causes

The world’s oldest man, Japan’s Masazo Nonaka, died at home Sunday at age 113, according to the Associated Press. Nonaka died in his sleep early this morning at the “hot springs inn” run by his family on the country’s main northern island, Hokkaido. The supercentenarian passed peacefully, from natural causes, his family reportedly said. Nonaka was identified by Guinness World Records in April 2018 as the world’s oldest living man, when he was 112 years and 259-days-old, per the AP. Shortly after his Guinness World Records certification, Nonaka reportedly said his secret to longevity was soaking in the hot springs and snacking on sweets. The father-of-five also said he read the newspaper and minding his two cats, according to