Worst Oscars Ever?

The New York Times called the writing "old and hoary," Slate called the show "tedious," and Roger Ebert said it was the worst Oscars he'd ever seen, but the show itself got off easy compared to co-host James Franco. He and Anne Hathway were considered odd choices for hosting duty as neither has a comedic background. Tim Goodman at The Hollywood Reporter pulled no punches on this account writing, "He had no business agreeing to host the Oscars, and his resulting pratfall in front of -- what, a billion people? -- must have made David Letterman gleeful, as his stint will no longer be pointed out as some kind of nadir." Movieline noted that "[Franco] was inert to the point of catatonic," prompting speculation that the actor was stoned. And Cinema Blend said Franco did everything in his power to make the already bloodless show worse. But Franco's harshest critics were on Twitter, where he was called "dumb," "horrible," "boring" and more, in between conjectures as to what he was on. The 127 Hours actor appeared on camera less and less as the show went on, leaving Hathaway with most of the responsibility. Her performance was tweaked by the press as well, but most people conceded she tried to make the best of a bad situation.