WSJ: Ivanka Trump a ‘Walking Billboard’ for Her Fashion Line

Ivanka Trump may have placed her fashion business into a trust upon taking on her duties as a White House adviser, but her own very public modeling of her brand may be boosting her company’s profits, The Wall Street Journal reports. While she has denied trying to profit off her role in the White House and reportedly forbidden her company, IT Collection LLG, from using her likeness in advertising campaigns, she has actively posted photographs of herself wearing her products on her social-media accounts—a move that some say pushes the limits on conflict-of-interest rules. A review of her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram postings about official appearances shows her brand’s dresses, shoes, bags, and jewelry have repeatedly popped up on a well-known celebrity-fashion website shortly after she stepped out wearing the items. The site also often includes a link to purchase the items. According to the Journal, she has also “modeled” certain clothing items in public just days after her company sends out a promotional email hyping the given products.