Yemen's U.N. Ambassador Resigns

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh is looking increasingly isolated. Yemen's U.N. ambassador quit in protest against the government's violent crackdown on protesters, during which 44 demonstrators were killed on Friday. Saleh's opposition says seven snipers carrying government cards were caught following the Friday violence. Human Rights Minister Huda al-Ban said she was stepping down in protest of the government's "horrible, coward and perfidious crime,” while Nasr Taha Mustafa, head of the state news agency and a leading ruling party member, said he was giving up both posts. Even the president's own tribe is now calling for him to step down. "We hail with all respect and observance, the position of the people at the (Sanaa University) square," Sheik Sadiq al-Ahmar, head of Saleh's tribe, as tens of thousands took to the square to mourn those killed Friday.