You Decide: Did Michelle Obama Get Rid Of Her Bangs?

Alex Wong/Getty

The First Lady took the podium for her commencement address at the Bowie State graduation on Friday morning, her hair neatly styled in soft curls.

Soon, Twitter erupted with news that the First Lady had given up her bangs. “Breaking: Michelle Obama’s bangs are gone,” tweeted a reporter for The Hill. “Bang-gate?” asked another. Someone else tweeted: “BANGHAZI!”

But, as anyone who has had bangs knows: they’re still on her head. Judging from photo evidence alone, Michelle’s bangs haven’t gone anywhere. They’re more grown-out than they used to be, sure, but she’s just parted her hair differently and is wearing them swept up rather than straight down over her forehead. It makes sense that she’d choose to style them this way, too: she’s been outspoken about how irritating they are.

You be the judge. Where are Michelle Obama’s bangs?