YouTube Investigating Right-Wing Commentator Steven Crowder

Right-wing commentator Steven Crowder is being investigated by YouTube after Vox host Carlos Maza published a Twitter thread outlining instances of Crowder making “homophobic and racist comments” about him, The Verge reports. Maza, the host of Vox’s Strikethrough series, reportedly showed instances of Crowder violating YouTube cyber-bullying rules—calling him an “anchor baby, a lispy queer, [and] a Mexican” multiple times and other derogatory terms. Maza also wrote that Crowder’s repeated bullying had produced “a wall of homophobic [and] racist abuse on Instagram and Twitter” from Crowder’s fans. According to YouTube rules, content that is posted to “humiliate someone, make hurtful and negative personal comments/videos” about another is prohibited. In a response video, Crowder defended his actions as “political comedy” and told his fans to back off on attacking Maza.