Wayne Barrett is an investigative reporter who covered New York politics at the Village Voice for nearly 40 years and now writes frequently for The New York Daily News. He's the author of Trump: The Deals & The Downfall (1992, republished in 2016 as Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth) and  Rudy! An Investigative Biography (2000) and the co-author with Dan Colins of Grand Illusion (2006), an examination of Giuliani and 9/11.

Michigan Mess

The native Michigander trumpets his affection for the Great Lakes and their natural beauty, but his work for some of the lakes’ biggest polluters tells another story. Wayne Barrett reports.


In front of federally subsidized cows, Romney reiterated his opposition to big-government spending. Wayne Barrett speaks to the cows’ owners, who say they dislike Obama even while they take government money.


Mitt Romney frequently met with church brass in Salt Lake City over contentious social issues such as same-sex marriage, writes Wayne Barrett.