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The Queen needs a new member of her time team

It’s often said that you can set your watch by the Queen, so punctual is our monarch, but this poses the question - who sets the Queen’s watch?

The royal horologist, of course, and currently the situation is vacant.

Queen Elizabeth I

Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty

The Royal Collection Trust is advertising for a new ‘Horological Conservator’ who will “work with a team of three based out of workshops in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, maintaining in excess of 1,000 clocks, including many items of great historical importance and rarity, whilst also repairing a range of horological items and Turret clocks…You will work with colleagues in other areas of the Royal Collection Department; give occasional lectures and tours, instruct on the cleaning and handling of clocks and be keen to develop research and awareness of best practice horological conservation.”

Down Under

Harry To Travel To Australia Next Month

It was announced yesterday that Prince Harry is to undertake an official trip to Australia next month to participate in the country’s version of Fleet Week.

Harry will join the new Australian Prime Minister Tony  Abbott at Sydney Harbour to inspect 40 war ships as part of the International Fleet Review.


Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Harry spent time in Australia in 2003 during his gap year, working as a “jackaroo” at a Queensland cattle station.

How William and Kate lived on Anglesey

His grandfather, Prince Philip, is famed for driving a London taxi around town, and it seems William has learnt a trick out of the old man's book.

Prince Philip's Cab

Prince Philip's London taxi (Tim Graham / Getty Images)

For a brilliant piece in the Daily Mail today by the Mail's Royal correspondent, Rachel English, which explores the couple's life on Anglesey (now they have left, the locals are talking) describes among other details, how the pair would drive around the island in a battered white Ford Transit van, wearing baseball caps and sunglasses when they wanted to venture out incognito.

‘Everyone thought it was hilarious when they twigged it was them. It was very funny — William as a white van man,’ says a local.

Murder Plan

Inside The Bizarro Prince Harry Murder Plot

Why did Ashraf Islam - aka Mark David Townley - walk into a police station and announce he planned to kill Prince Harry?

Oliver Cromwell he 'aint.

A Northern Irish conman named Mark David Townley, who changed his named to Ashraf Islam after converting to the Islamic faith, has pleaded guilty to planning to kill Prince Harry - after walking into a police station and announcing his plans back in May, just days after the murder of a serviceman on the street in London shocked the world.


Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prosecutor Lynne Townley told Isleworth Crown Court in London, "On May 23, at Hounslow police station, Ashraf Islam made a threat... that he was going to kill another person, that was namely Prince Harry... He said he'd been watching the Horse Guards Parade and planned to disarm an officer while disguised as a tourist, rather than bringing a gun into London. He spent some 10 days in Thailand researching Prince Harry and his whereabouts."

Why shouldn't Harry Styles and the 1D boys record a song referencing Lady Di? They probably have a clearer idea of what it was like to be her than anyone else on the planet this minute

Many will snort with derision at the news that boyband du jour One Direction (1D), appear to reference Princess Diana in their new song, Diana, which leaked onto the internet at the weekend.

Britain London Fashion Week S/S 2014- Fashion East


Although the majority of the song is a traditional boyband ballad of unrequited love, the references to the tragic princess are there from the beginning, most obviously with the title and the song’s opening line: “The front pages of your pictures / They make you look so small…Diana…”

What could a bunch of (admittedly very famous) teenagers know about the anguish of Lady Di, the naysayers will ask? Are they seriously comparing themselves to the most famous woman of all time? How dare they!

William’s two guard dogs were euthanized after he left army. It’s not his fault, but it’s terrible timing for a royal trying to paint himself as a friend to animals—especially one who shoots pheasants.

The British papers must have made uncomfortable reading for Prince William in recent days.

First of all the new dad was pilloried for announcing that he would be taking a year off work, apparently to decide whether or not he is ready to become a full-time working royal. During this period, we are told, the prince will devote more of his time to supporting the Queen (presumably carrying out more official functions and possibly undertaking a royal tour) and also working with his new environmental charity.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William carry the spoils after a pheasant shoot in Windsor on December 18, 2007. (Rex)

To ram home the seriousness of his new mission, and deflect criticism that he was taking a "gap year" or slipping into a life of work-free dilettantism, William granted a rare interview and unprecedented access for an hour-long documentary, New Hope, New Father. The film goes so far as to show the prince weeping (who knows what Prince Philip would have made of that display) as he watched footage of a poached rhino being butchered. He was also shown in the film, which aired on Sunday night, talking at length about how fatherhood has made him even more concerned about the fate of the globe’s wildlife. The message was clear.

Silver Monarchy

Prince Charles Oldest Heir in British History Today

Today, Prince Charles becomes the oldest heir to the throne in history

Although old age is definitely better than the alternative, today marks a grim milestone for Prince Charles – for on this day, he officially becomes the oldest heir in British history, surpassing the record of King William IV who acceded to the throne in 1830 after his brother, George IV died without any children.

Chaz will be 65 in November, which is a long time to wait for a job you have been told you will have since the age of three, which is when he became heir apparent.

The British website Royal Central spotted the unhappy anniversary, and also points out, “Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Wales’s mother, is already the oldest Monarch in British history and looks to still be going strong at the age of 87, well in line to overtake Queen Victoria in 2015 to become the longest reigning Monarch ever in British history.”

Prince Charles is known to be worried about ‘running out of time’ and today's significance is unlikely to pass him by.

Quiet Life

Prince Andrew's Lonely Life

Crickets mostly greet the once dynamic prince on his travels these days

Whenever I hear news of Prince Andrew's latest ghastly official engagement on the other side of the world, I think to myself that Harry needs to be ware that he carves himself out a different future to his playboy uncle.

For Andrew was once Harry, the roguish younger brother who could do no wrong, but it's a very different story today.



Andrew's latest engagement is in Indonesia, wher he attended a dinner at the  Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jakarta. The only news outlet to report the news is the Daily Telegraph. Elsewhere Andrew's engagements are met with a deafening silence and the roll of tumbleweed.

Two guard dogs put down after William leaves Wales

Animal lover Prince William - who recently announced he was quitting his job in order to spend more time working with conservation charities - won't be happy about this.

Two dogs used to provide extra security for the prince at his RAF base were 'euthanised' days after he left the role.

According to a front page story in the Sun today, headlined "Rexecuted", a Belgian Shepherd called Brus and a German Shepherd named Blade were destroyed on Friday, after the military dog unit decided the attack dogs  could not be redeployed or re-homed with a family.

A source told the Sun: “Brus and Blade were in a two-dog section set up specifically to protect William. They patrolled the station to protect military personnel, equipment and facilities. But once the prince left the unit was closed.”

The paper said: Nine-and-a-half-year-old Blade had spine and hip trouble that meant he faced being put down for medical reasons. Brus, 7½, did not react well to other animals and had behavioral problems which meant he could not be sent to a kennel.

Super Freelancer

Pictures of Pippa Boxing In UK Tomorrow

Pippa's got yet another gig, writing the "Sport and Social' column for the Telegraph

And for her first column, she is writing about boxing.

Yep, boxing.

She kicks off with what's fast becoming a Pippa trademark, a brief meditation on the skimpiness of her sportswear.

Naomi Watts walked out of an interview with the BBC last week, here's the whole thing so you can make your own mind up if she was provoked or not.

Man of Leisure?

Quit The Day Job? William, You Must Be Crazy!

Giving up work to become a charitable fundraiser and roving ambassador won't play well with the British public, who have always admired the young royals grasp of normality

One of the most successful illusions that William and Kate have managed to pull off since their marriage in April 2011 is that, despite their enormous wealth and privilege, they were, underneath it all, just two ordinary kids who fell in love and got married. Some of this has undoubtedly been engineered, but, the even more extraordinary truth is that Kate’s upper middle-class background has had a revolutionary, normalising effect on how the royal family are perceived - and how they perceive themselves.

The continuing success of William and Kate in reinvigorating the once-moribund British monarchy relies on the public’s ability to identify with them. Kate is the girl next door, William is the guy anyone would be happy for their mother to meet. They ask their staff to call them by their first names (although Kate does prefer to be called Catherine).

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge start The Ring O'Fire Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon on August 30, 2013 in Holyhead, Wales. (Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, via Getty)

Kate has been very insistent about her and William continuing to do plenty of regular stuff, the most public demonstration of which comes in her weekly supermarket shop in Waitrose on the island of Anglesey (but this is not a staged event and Kate genuinely wishes it wasn’t public; her reps moved quickly against the only UK paper to publish the most recent set of supermarket shots and they were removed from the Daily Telegraph’s website).

Maternity leave over!

Kate Out Tonight, First Pics!!

Kate looks great as she returns to public life

Kate sparkled tonight on her first day back on duty, wearing a glittery Jenny Packham dress, part of the designer's diffusion line for British High Street Store Debenhams.



William and Kate were photographed arriving at  an awards ceremony tonight in central London for the wildlife conservation charity Tusk Trust, of which William is patron, recognising outstanding figures from the world of wildlife conservation.

Kate looked fantastic.

New Dad, New Job

William Quits The Army

William leaves the army and prepares to move with his young family into Kensington Palace, and take on more official duties.

After rescuing 149 people in various states of distress, from stranded walkers to shipwrecked sailors, Prince William is quitting his job with the RAF and leaving the army. He will devote more of his life to public service and charities, and we can also expect to see a lot more of Kate, who will be 'supporting' him in his new role.  After a slow introduction to Royal life, with just a few engagements annually, the new mom now appears to be ready to step up to a more full time role.

Flt Lt William Wales qualifies as Search and Rescue operational

SAC Faye Storer

The couple are moving to Kensington Palace with their young baby, Prince George, news that will be very welcome among Britain's Royal press pack which has been starved of Kate content since the couple hid themselves away in the Welsh countryside.

The palace made the announcement this morning, but William has resisted calls to declare himself a 'full-time' royal, with the palace saying that he "is currently considering a number of options for public service, a further announcement on which will follow in due course". However, it was made clear that we can expect to see a lot more of William and Kate over the next year as they up their official duties.
The palace statement said, "He will continue to support the work of The Queen and the Royal Family through a programme of official engagements, both at home and overseas, with The Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke will work closely over the next twelve months with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. He will expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect of endangered species. The Duke will continue to work with his charities on issues relating to children and young people, veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces."

Going out for the first time after having a baby is a big deal for anyone. But Kate is doing well and ready to re-enter public life

Kate fans, stand by, it’s the moment we all (OK, regular readers of the Royalist then) have all been waiting for; the future Queen is to carry out her first official public engagement tonight since the birth of Prince George. And, far from hiding from the limelight, a Kensington Palace statement this morning about William leaving the army indicated that we could expect to see more than ever of Kate at official functions and duties.

Will she dazzle in McQueen or shimmer in Issa? One thing seems certain - she won't be wearing a recycled gown tonight. Even Kate can't be back to pre-baby shape in just seven weeks - can she?

William and Kate will together attend an awards ceremony tonight in central London for the wildlife conservation charity Tusk Trust, of which William is patron, recognising outstanding figures from the world of wildlife conservation.

Kate’s appearance tonight confirms chatter that the Royalist has been hearing that Kate is coping well with motherhood, and is not suffering from baby blues, as Kate’s office initially cleared her diary till the end of the year. Tonight’s event will be very different in tone from the afternoon two weeks ago when Kate decided at the last minute to join her husband for a low-key engagement in Wales ringing the starting bell for an ultra-marathon.


The Royalist



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