Alex Jones Videos Still Viewed by Millions on Facebook Despite Ban: WaPo

Alex Jones’ content is still reaching millions of Facebook users even after the social network banned his most popular pages, The Washington Post reports. One of Jones’ smaller Facebook pages, NewsWars, reportedly “surged in posts and page views” since four of his bigger pages were removed in August over “allegations of hate speech.” According to Columbia University social-media researcher Jonathan Albright, videos featured on NewsWars have racked up a total of 3.9 million views since August. The NewsWars page, established by Jones in August 2017, reportedly features clips from his InfoWars show and links back to—which features InfoWars content as well. A Facebook spokesperson told the newspaper the company’s announcement in August noted it would only be taking down some of Jones’ content and would “assess allegations of misconduct against pages individually” going forward. Another Facebook page called InfoWars Stream also posts images and videos of Jones, and has acquired 1.2 million views since August. It is reportedly unclear who owns that page. Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and Twitter have booted Jones’ content off their platforms in recent months.